The digital age encourages us, first of all, to watch a movie, surf the Internet, and not sit in a comfortable chair and read a book. Yes, you can’t get away from electronics, but this is no reason to distance yourself from paper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading books really increases life expectancy. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should read every day: Reading can be compared to eating or even brain exercise. Like all other muscles in our body, the brain needs to be in good shape. Reading involves the stimulation of mental activity, which makes the brain very active. The more you read, the stronger and healthier it will serve you. Scientific studies confirm that even simple reading significantly reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in old age and slows down the progression of the disease. Books are a great way to kill time and daydream. Do you know that feeling when neither the Internet nor TV helps to kill boredom? But a good book not only gives us new knowledge, life lessons, impressions. Are you worried about something? Reading not only helps reduce stress levels, but also helps you feel more confident. When traveling, the book is also an indispensable assistant. Long-distance flights or trips will go unnoticed in the company of a good book. Do you enjoy doing different tasks to improve your memory? But it's easy enough to read. Your brain remembers much more when you read than when you watch a movie, for example. A huge amount of information, starting from characters, characters, ending with their names, ambitions and intentions, is remembered easily and naturally. Thus, you not only increase your intellectual potential, but also improve your memory. Reading is also a good concentration exercise. After all, you must have a thousand little things in the book in your head, focus on what is happening, make logical chains and scroll through it all just in your head. Reading not only affects personality development, but also acts as a relaxation method and a secret weapon against stress. The book makes it possible to completely break away from reality and immerse yourself in a fantastic, often fantastic world, without everyday problems, worries and responsibilities. Entering a new world, the brain gives rest to the whole body, relaxes and allows it to gain strength. The book as a source of new knowledge. Did you know that image information will never replace text? After all, pictures give us only superficial information about something. Anything can be described in a book, and not only knowledge about other cultures, countries, phenomena can be extracted from it. It penetrates the human psyche and can modernize, streamline your knowledge, open your eyes and show a new perspective on events. The effect of reading on the brain is that it organizes all the information received earlier, making you wiser. Reading and eloquence go hand in hand. Eloquent people tend to love literature. To have a huge vocabulary and be able to put it into practice, you need to read much more than you imagine. By replenishing your active and passive vocabulary, you absorb, just like small children, new words, phrases and phrases that will only spin in your language in a certain case. How to awaken creativity and increase curiosity? Do you want to break the limits your own brain sets? To read! Analyze thoughts and opinions that do not coincide with yours, come up with new ones - all to expand imagination and creativity. It is in contradictions that new ideas and designs are born. Who knows, maybe the bosses at work will notice your success in organizing work. Old reading. As a parent, you are a living example and role model for your child. Seeing that parents often pick up a book, so does your child. This will not only develop him in every possible way, but will also strengthen the relationship between parents and children. Similar to reading books to children before bed, this not only allows them to fall asleep faster, but also encourages them to talk about new topics and share problems. The book as an improvement in social life. When you meet someone who likes your favorite author, it brings you closer together than a shared preference for movies, TV shows, or anything else. The impact of reading on a person cannot be underestimated - it is an inexhaustible source of communication and discussion. Maybe you should try to instill a love of reading in your family and friends?