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Popular books

For a true book lover, there are probably no bad books. However, there are interesting works of art from the best foreign and domestic authors that everyone should read in life. We have collected for you one hundred of the best golden books, where you will find informative stories about everything in the world. Books worth reading are those that became popular after they came out and are still very popular today. The rating of a hundred books that everyone needs to read includes wonderful books from Russian classics. Many people know them from school, but they will perceive such literature in a new way already in adulthood. Every educated person will always strive for more, so the developmental books included in this list will definitely not leave you indifferent. Of course, no one has the right to impose their tastes and preferences even in literature. However, there are some really useful pieces that need to be read. If you want to know what books were read in the past and are read today, you will definitely like our list of books. Here you will find classics, children's books and educational literature. It is unlikely that a person will be able to re-read all the books of the literary world in his life, but you will definitely be able to enjoy its best representatives. Books worth reading are fascinating, exciting books with deep meaning. Both adults and teenagers will find very useful things here.

A paper book is a value, a wealth that exists outside of time. Fashion may change, all sorts of new gadgets may be invented that allow a person to receive information directly, without the help of the eyes, but the value of books will not decrease from this. They will be read, re-read, draw wisdom from them, use them for development and recreation, and then pass them on to younger family members. Our site offers you books - we have a huge range of literature on a variety of industries.

The value of the book in the life of a modern person

The book was for a long time the main source of information for a person, the favorite means of leisure, friend and adviser. In the middle of the 20th century, interest in paper literature waned somewhat due to the increasing popularity of film and then television. Then e-books were invented, it became possible to listen to them in audio format, and it seemed that humanity would stop reading altogether. But paper editions have survived this unfavorable period and are now actively returning to store shelves. History or knowledge printed on paper is experienced much brighter and better remembered than similar information by ear. The text in audio format often does not even reach the brain, since a person does not listen to the words, his mind at this time is busy solving other more important tasks. When we sit in an armchair or sofa with a paper book, we forget everything and completely immerse ourselves in the process. Reading trains memory and imagination, reduces the burden of problems and brings peace. It is not for nothing that people who have a habit of reading every day are much more stress-resistant and easier to cope with the stress of modern life. Reading inspires, makes it possible to travel without leaving home, motivates to new achievements - one can say, it opens countless opportunities for people. The book is one of mankind's greatest inventions, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and joy.

Each section contains a large number of products that will help you understand the issue you are interested in, have fun in your free time and expand your professional knowledge. Separately, I want to draw your attention to the section intended for children. The sooner you introduce your child to the wonderful world of books, the more versatile and educated person he will grow up. Modern books also captivate with their stylish design. Some copies through the efforts of artists turn into real works of art. Buying a book as a gift is always a good idea, especially if you choose it based on the interests of the gifted person. Our site is the largest library of e-books and audiobooks. More than 50,000 works of all genres in the mobile application and on the website: detective stories, science fiction, fantasy, romance, books about business, psychology, for children, modern and classical literature. Some e-books in the library are free and can be read without a subscription. There are classics from the school curriculum and modern literature by novice authors.